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3.We Are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

For more than fifty years there’s a peaceful grassroots movement happening quietly within democratic nations. It is not like the labor, civil rights or occupy Wall Street movements of the past where social changes were demanded outwardly. This is a change within the consciousness of individual citizens, allowing them to see the world from a perspective different from the existing cultural duality. Historically, similar evolutionary shifts have taken place—times of enlightenment. These repeating cycles of change follow times of upheaval and chaos.

Do not confuse true shift with the violence of revolution. Oneness, the state of being unified or whole, is the organizing principle of this kind of social change. Oneness emerges and major political and social change happens as a natural unfolding of human evolution. Culture Wars cease, innovational changes are made to education, healthcare, energy consumption, environmental stewardship, income inequity and more. These tipping points in consciousness occur when a critical mass is reached. A single or series of events can trigger profound change across an entire system. The time is ripe.

Cultural Creatives are the group emerging in this country and elsewhere ready to embrace systemic change. Unwilling to partake in the culture wars of the Traditionalists and Modernists, CCs head off in a third direction trying to educate society’s desires and change minds about what constitutes reality. (This is where that new creation story comes in.) All the while Creatives keep cutting across ideological political lines and national boundaries seeking long-term ecological sanity for their children, country and planet—the values they hold most dear.

As a Cultural Creative you are generally diplomatic, empathetic, inner directed, highly intuitive and a woman or a man who aligns with healthy women’s values. As an individual you generally fall into one of four archetypal subcategories:

Advocates are quiet, mystical and inspiring. As tireless idealists they need to be cautious about advocating for a Utopia. Remember the Frederick Douglas’ quote, “If there’s not struggle there’s not progress.” We are here to evolve, not live in a Garden of Eden.

Mediators are poetic, kind and altruistic. In their eagerness to help a good cause, they often forsake self-mastery. Tolerating, forgiving and enabling bad behavior is not mediation.

Protagonists are charismatic, inspiring leaders capable of mesmerizing their listeners. With this gift comes great responsibility. They must avoid unbalanced-unworkable ideas of all kinds. You are called to support and lead, not dominate.

Campaigners are sociable and creative free-spirits. Optimism and creativity is often expressed through music and art. They need to beware of their tendency toward righteous arrogance. Tolerance leads to collaboration and connection.

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