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5. The Weird World of the Quantum

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The Quantum—call it physics, call it mechanics, call it impossible to understand. When you reduce matter into its smallest particles everything gets really weird. Richard Feynman, who knew the quantum intimately claims, “If you think you understand quantum physics, you don’t.” However, you do understand how it works. It’s how you have computers, your smart phone, and the hydrogen bomb!

Without such complications as duality, superposition, entanglement, tunneling and uncertainty principle, quantum physics underlies how atoms work as well as chemistry and biology. It is the very foundation of matter, but it’s not matter; it is fields of energy.

Oops. Looks like science just slipped back into the unseen realm of spirit.

When I first encountered quantum physics, the content was confusingly paradoxical. However, I’m good at taking disparate facts and seeing the bigger picture. Science, the very thing taking humanity away from spirit, was now forcing us to look once again at the unseen and its role in reality. This drives classical Newtonian physicists crazy. For over twenty years I’ve waited for physicists to bring consciousness into the picture. Quantum Field Theory gives me hope. I wait for a deeper investigation into consciousness—that “slippery fish” of science, largely ignored because of its intangibility. Where does thought and innovation come from? How do they influence the meaning we choose to give our experience?

One of the first experiments conducted into the quantum was wave-particle duality. This was almost a hundred years ago and tested countless times. It works, but we have yet to explore carefully its implications. It states the conscious “observer” will determine the final outcome of any event. Just by observing or measuring an event, the belief of the observer determines the outcome. We humans store most of our beliefs, not in the thinking part of the brain, but deep down into the vast warehouse of the subconscious mind.

I hope you find this theory both frightening and empowering. It seems reality is not dependent upon fixed matter, but how you choose to see the result. Choice, or free will, is stolen when you come from a worldview of existing paradigms or subconscious beliefs. As Oprah says, “Change your thoughts, change your circumstances.” Change won’t happen right away. When thought becomes belief or deep knowing, reality changes for the conscious observer. Out-of-the-box thinking can rid you of being the victim once you take responsibility individually or collectively for any event. Free will is restored. Now you can give a more elevated meaning to those events for an improved outcome—one of your own choosing. You are that powerful.

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