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9. Map of Consciousness

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

“Happiness doesn’t derive from location,

or material possessions. It derives from

higher states of consciousness.”

--Daily Inspirational Quotes

(This map is the work of David Hawkins, M.D. who is the author of two books dealing with this information—Power vs. Force and The Eye of the I.)

OMG, You mean to tell me there’s a MAP!

Without a map (GPS), it can be difficult to reach your desired destination. Fortunately, Dr. David Hawkins left us with operating instructions before he died—a Map of Consciousness. To use the map above some explanation is needed:

The Scale in the second column is an arbitrary number representing your vibratory rate. Remember, you are energy (vibration) first, then comes form. Your vibratory rate will depend upon your thoughts, how you feel, and the emotions those feelings evoke. How you relate to others and your Life-View flow from these dominant feelings and emotions. The intended meaning for Force in this column translates to coercion; Power means sovereignty, or inner strength.

The words Feeling and Emotion are often used interchangeably but have distinct differences. A thought might bring on a feeling, but emotions run deeper and can actually evoke unexpected responses such as tears, laughter, anxiety, blushing, yawning, etc. It’s those strong emotions that drive vibrations. Those emotions that feel light and expansive increase vibration; those that shrink us are heavy lower vibrations. It is E-motion (energy in motion) that has the power to turn a thought (wish) into a thing (form). Feelings accompanied with deep emotion repeated enough times can eventually change a dream into a reality. Feeling and strong emotion is what some might call the ‘secret sauce’ of manifestation. The quality of the thought will determine whether it’s a fortunate or unfortunate reality.

Dr. Hawkins believes individuals vibrating below 200 cannot recognize truth from falsehood. Courage to change at 200 is the action that helps you breakthrough to higher vibrations and reclaim your sovereignty over outside circumstances. You recognize that truth is found within the wisdom centers of the heart and gut, not from the confusion and chaos of the outer world.

So, you create first through thought. “What do I truly want? What is my deepest longing and desire?” It’s a good thing, however, you don’t create by thought alone. Like Midas, you are capable of making a real mess. Then you dream a vision so vivid and detailed that each time you review it in your imagination you feel the feeling to evoke that strong positive emotion. This is the method that over time can make dreams come true.

And what might happen if enough of us build upon that dream to create a thought-form picked up by others around the globe? There is a phenomenon called the Maharishi Effect that shows that if only 1% of the population meditates, it produces measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population. With our busy lives, 20 minutes twice a day seems like a real stretch. There are now methods researched by the Institute of HeartMath that significantly speed up and simplify this process called Heart/Brain Meditation. I hope this short blog has piqued your curiosity and motivated you to give this practice a try.

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