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8. States of Mind

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

As mentioned in an earlier blog the physical brain acts primarily as a sender and receiver of messages picked up by our sensory system from our inner and outer environments. The sending transmissions are measured in hertz (Hz) and recorded as brain activity with instruments like an EEG. The tracing wave pattern determines a person’s state of consciousness. These are those ‘vibes’ sensitives can pick up just entering a room.

Gamma – (above 40 Hz), the fastest frequency associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing (very tiring).

Beta – (14-40 Hz), waking consciousness and reasoning waves we maintain most of the day. While important for effective functioning, they can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness (that nagging inner critic or ’monkey mind’).

Alpha – (7.5-14 Hz), a slowing of the thinking mind induces this calm, peaceful, relaxed and reflective state of mind where we become highly suggestable. Imagination, visualization, memory, and creativity bloom at this frequency (Einstein would enter this state with a question).

Theta – (4-7.5 Hz), wave pattern present during deep meditation, light sleep (REM), and accessing the subconscious for only brief moments as you drift into deep sleep (Delta). This Alpha/Theta border is the optimal range for visualizations, mind programming and using the creative/innovative power of your mind (here’s where you can begin creating your reality).

Delta – (0.5-4 Hz), the waves that occur in deep dreamless sleep and certain forms of meditation (critical for body repair and regeneration).

Until about the age of seven or eight you spent most of your waking hours in Alpha. This hypnogogic state is how you learned so much so fast. During this highly suggestable period you are downloaded with programs from your culture. After sufficient repetition these programs are eventually stored in the subconscious. Approximately 92-95% of our behavior is driven by this vast storehouse of the subconscious mind.

When your outer world reflects back to you patterns that no longer serve, it means you are being controlled by obsolete programming. Neuroscientists have found there are a few ways to change these powerful programs—hypnosis/meditation and/or affirmations/repetition. Just like a computer, the old program must be replaced with the best upgrade possible for a better outcome. Both methods require you access Alpha and/or Theta. Hypnosis needs a specially trained intermediary to help in cases of deep trauma. Meditation is essentially a form of self-hypnosis that helps to cultivate the silent witness and make you a better person. Nothing much changed in my life until I learned to meditate. There are many methods to explore but the result of effective meditation is the same—peace of mind and access to the neutral state of the compassionate observer.

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