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10. COVID-19: Curse or Cure?

“Are viruses alive? This was the first query I demanded of Google after the shut down in March. Well, it turns out they’re not according to the experts. They fail on all three criteria of what distinguishes living from non-living on the Great Chain of Being.

On their own viruses are incapable of reproducing, repairing and replacing body parts (apoptosis), and metabolism which is needed to produce energy. Without a host to hijack for these life functions, viruses remain inert—just bits of RNA and DNA in a chemical soup surrounded by a shell. They are totally dependent upon a host cell for the raw material and energy for all biochemical activities necessary to multiply and function.

A fourth criteria has been noted by some experts. Viruses, they claim, lack the complexity to be conscious. I disagree. That point and its veracity depends upon your definition for that “slippery fish” of science known as consciousness. If one assumes consciousness takes place in the brain, then ‘not conscious’ would be correct, but remember, “It’s turtles all the way down!” [“post #12”] The First Americans saw all of nature imbued with intelligence, information and spirit. Mother Earth was understood as a living organism to be honored and cared for. Which view, I would ask, is more conscious?

Did anyone notice how quickly after the shut down the air cleared, the silence and songbirds returned? Nature is always seeking harmony and renewal. I believe viruses are a part of Mother Nature’s strategy to restore balance. Let’s look at this symbolically. The two systems primarily attacked by COVID are the lungs and the vessels of the bloodstream. As Above, So Below. Now, let’s take a close look at man’s destruction of the rainforests (lungs of the earth) and the fresh waterways (lifeblood) of our planet. Fact: Other mammals don’t get COVID-19.

So, returning to the alive or not alive question, is a seed alive? It might not be considered alive in its dormant state, but it has the potential for life. Is a bacterium alive? Yes, it can replicate, produce energy and repair damaged parts. This comparison makes viruses act more like a plant than an animal. It occurs to me, viruses may be a missing link in the Great Chain of Being. When things get too far out of balance and harmony, Mother Nature puts her viruses into action to restore order. Might these microscopic bits be the missing link between the elemental kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom—the great equalizer of them all?

How will a new creation story emerge out of the consciousness shift taking place on the planet at this critical time? Will it reflect the wisdom of both the old and the new? What will be our new creation story? Give us your ideas in the forum. [link ?]

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