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C.R.Bourns, the Voice of
the Silent Generation.

I guide young people

to dream a new creation story.

C.R. BournsConsultant, Health Coach, and Founder of Cultural Creatives Connect

About C.R. Bourns

     Born the 5th month of 1940, Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor was still a year-and-a-half in my future. It was a time of great upheaval as the U.S. struggled under The Great Depression and European countries were being seized by Hitler’s Fascist regime. We entered the war on two fronts—my father deployed to Europe, my Uncle to the South Pacific. When our GI heroes came home I was five. They fought and won a new age of prosperity for the country.

     I came of age in the Happy Days era of the 50s: saddle shoes & pageboy haircut; high school student body president; off to college by eighteen; married by nineteen; two darling sons by twenty-two; college degree and teaching career by twenty-five. My husband and I bought a home, a car, a truck-camper, and a summer cabin in Idaho. We were living the American Dream.

     My mid-life crisis happened at forty-five with the disillusion of my 25-year marriage. Within 18 short months all I’d worked so hard to build was gone—my husband, my home and cabin, my mother and father and eventually my teaching career because of failing health.

     How does that happen? I did everything I was told to be happy and successful. It all dissolved in the blink of an eye! I entered the Dark Night of the Soul completely alone. Read my memoir and join me as I relate my journey from the Ordinary World of my birth to the Other World—that place where transcendence and miracles happen. 

     The sicker I got the more miracles I encountered.  Convinced a change of mind is key to the extraordinary, I returned to university and earned an advanced degree in Consciousness Studies. In 1995 I began a career as a natural health educator & consultant. I never advertised nor posted a website. I helped one and they told two. The law of exponential increase launched me into a thriving practice. Mysteriously, those who needed my help somehow found me. Each of my clients has taught me so much.

Now, my heart has guided me to go bigger. Help empower millennials and teens to dream a new creation story for the promised Golden Age.”  I hope you’ll join me.

I am available for virtual keynotes, group-sessions and one-on-one consultations.

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